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Clarity for your financial future.

Become empowered to make difficult financial decisions when you need it most.



Divorce Planning Group helps individuals and couples address the financial aspects of divorce in a civilized, equitable, and efficient manner by providing expert divorce financial planning and advice.

Our mission is to provide divorce financial planning services that focus on long term well-being because the financial decisions made during a divorce will very likely be the biggest and most difficult decisions the parties will ever make.

Divorce financial planning is the intersection of expert financial analysis, financial planning and decision coaching with the unique and complicated financial intricacies of divorce in mind. Legal advisers offer the structure and guidance necessary to fashion agreements. Divorce Planning Group offers the creative options and financial analysis necessary to ensure you obtain the most financially advantageous settlement possible.



Wilson Day, CFP®, CDFA is a financial professional in the Jackson, MS area who specializes in evaluating and advising clients on the tax and financial aspects of divorce.  He is committed to helping clients understand the more complex tax and financial implications of their particular case and provide thoughtful, objective solutions to the financial issues an individual must consider when going through a divorce.

As both a Certified Financial Planner® and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Wilson is uniquely qualified to recognize frequently overlooked financial obstacles and inequities in the settlement process.  Based on thorough analysis, Wilson advises clients on which assets to negotiate for and the valuation and division of those assets.  He also assists in child support and alimony proposals and provides forward-looking income, expense and net worth projections.



Divorce is an extremely unpleasant life disruption that no one has time for.  It can be confusing, overwhelming and can take its toll on the best of us.  While we understand the emotional hardship of divorce, we also believe the financial matters of the process can be simplified in a way that lowers complexity, decreases time spent on settlements and paperwork, and as a result, lessens the stress you personally have to endure.


 A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ (CDFA™) has earned the credential from the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts by completing course work and examinations to test competence in the subject matter specific to Financial Planning, Analysis, Accounting and Financial Advisory in Divorce Proceedings.


Divorce Planning Group offers support services that compliment and enhance your legal services.  We have the expertise and the tools to step in when it comes to evaluating and assessing the financial environment of a divorce to provide peace of mind and to better equip you with the facts needed to ensure a positive outcome for your client.   We complete the detailed divorce financial planning work for you, making case preparation and settlement easier.



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“Wilson is fantastic!  He helped me navigate the complexity of a financial affidavit with knowledge, patience and kindness.  I'd definitely recommend my friends to hire him should they need his services.”

Jennifer M., client

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